Blockchain in the age of decentralization is the first personal textbook which is written about Blockchain Technology and the trend towards decentralization. Also, the book is compiled in English for the purpose of distributing to investors. The book consists of 8 chapters divided into 3 parts:

• Blockchain in the complete decentralized ecosystem.
• Blockchain technology and other parallel technologies.
• Decentralized transaction and cross-chain communication protocol.

The content of this book aims to demonstrate modes of technological action at the conceptual level and their basic operating model. Besides, in order to be more intelligible for the readers, there are activities taking responsibilityfor providing not only detail-oriented notes of topic-related technology concepts but also explanations for specific terminologies. Thanks to this book, it is a pleasure to update a big amount of knowledge for those who have not had an opportunity yet or even did not have a chance to approach the basis of technology. Generally speaking, by making progress in reading this book, customers can ascertain the fact that they will utterly understand Blockchain technology and its distinctive structure resulting in a satisfactory answer for the question: “Why Blockchain has been emerging as a global phenomenon these days?”.

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