Dear readers: who are interested in investigating the world of Blockchain in the age of decentralization.

Over a year ago, it was a day in early September, while I felt disoriented and strived to identify a brand new path for the purpose of gaining faith and motivation to keep on working for such potential domains: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. I talked to myself: “I have to do something different which requires a better foundation!”.

In spite of the two previous successful investments with an extremely large volume of income (x40) in March and August, to be honest, it was no doubt that the momentary fortune played an enormous role in my success rather than factual understanding. Due to the fact that at that time, the amount of the knowledge base towards my predetermined investment sector was not adequate, having relied on a suitable time and prosperous factors stemming from the excitement of the market were the rationales for my unexpected outcome for sure.

With all my efforts, I myself jumped right away into researching on Blockchain and other related concepts as well as its technology models. Starting the journey with little fluency in languages and the lack of foundation skills in the technology domain, the findings about Blockchain were so fascinating that I was able to figure out numerous reasons why in the future, Blockchain is going to be the most breakthrough technology. Also, my aforementioned assumption was accompanied by a whole new perception about Blockchain projects implemented on the market that I had never thought about.

These days, Blockchain has been quite unfamiliar to many people due to its terminology as an obstacle, based on this point, I decided to note and summarise a complete body of knowledge constituting a book – Blockchain in the age of decentralizationThanks to this book, investors or else not possessing knowledge base towards technology but being eager to explore Blockchain will have a chance to encounter such a fully systematic and easy to grasp technology documentation while providing a comprehensive overview of Blockchain and other parallel technologies. Those reasons can be deemed as incentives for this book publication.!

Welcome to Blockchain in the age of decentralization!

Best regards,
John Nguyen.

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